Program MAIN STAGE Thursday 20th February 2020

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12.30 - 13.30  How to survive and thrive Breakup and Divorce  1SD 8

ABOUT THE SPEECH: Top tips and including heartbreak, betrayal, conflict, confidence building, co-parenting, being effective in the workplace during divorce and dating again

Have you been left devastated after a break-up? Are you struggling to cope with a divorce? Do you still feel stuck and unable to move forward with your life? If so this workshop is for YOU! Expect to have your perception of break-ups challenged and flipped on its head! This workshop will be packed full of easy to use techniques and strategies that will change how you feel in a heartbeat. Learn how to banish heartbreak for good, how to let go of your ex, how to deal with betrayal and how to manage conflict and help your kids through the process too. Sara will also share the 3 Secrets to thriving after a break-up and show you how to create a future you are excited to live. An empowering and transformation workshop, book now!

13.30 - 14.00 

Separating or divorcing? What do I need to know? 

22Michael 13
    • ABOUT THE SPEECH: Do I need to formalise my separation? What is the procedure for divorce and how long does it take? How will the finances be divided upon separation or divorce? Are all marriages legal and recognised in any country? Do ‘Common Law’ husband and wife have the same equal rights as a married couple? Will my inheritance, pre-marriage assets and family gifts be distributed upon divorce? Will a pension sharing order in one country be enforceable in another country? Is same sex marriage recognised worldwide? Can I just move my assets or change ownership before separation? Any lawyer can do family law with international aspects can’t they? Plus other practical tips...
14.00 - 14.30  How will separation or divorce affect my children? What do I need to know?  21Emma 13
ABOUT THE SPEECH: What are the common arrangements for children when parents separate? Will the mother always have ‘custody’ of the children? If I have to go to court in relation to the children, what does the process entail and how long does it take? Are there alternatives to the court process? Points to bear in mind if a child is adopted or has been born by way of surrogacy? Do I have to pay my ex-spouse/partner child maintenance for our children? Is financial provision available for children? Are court orders recognised and enforced abroad? What is child abduction and do I need to be careful of this? Am I allowed to take the children back to my home country if my relationship breaks down? Any lawyer can do family law with international aspects can’t they? Plus other practical tips...
14.30 - 15.00

How to untie the knot, amicably

15KateD 1
ABOUT THE SPEECH: What is an amicable divorce and how does it differ to other ways to divorce? Would an amicable divorce work for us? Get answers from amicable expert, Kate Daly, on how to untie the knot, amicably. amicable was created after Kate’s (amicable’s founder) acrimonious and expensive divorce. Kate had personal and professional experience of the traditional ways to divorce and separate as she had worked with London’s top collaborative lawyers to help couples to emotionally prepare for the journey of separating. Kate knew that the existing routes to separate didn’t always work for people, especially if there were children involved. So, amicable was created to meet the demand of couples who were looking for a kinder, amicable way to separate that put children first and didn’t cost the earth. During this talk, you’ll get tips from relationship breakdown expert, Kate Daly, on how to separate on amicable terms. As told through real examples of couples who separated amicably.
15.00 - 15.30 Children Issues - presented by students from University of Hertfortshire 9UHSL 26
ABOUT THE SPEECH: The law students from the University of Hertfordshire will help to explain how you can ask the family court to assist in disputes about your children – whether it be where they should live after separation, or how much time they spend with each parent.
15.30 - 16.00

Change Your Mind, Change Your Divorce

2TB 6

ABOUT THE SPEECH: We all have a choice as to how we show up in life and this includes divorce. What if you could change the way you think about your divorce and improve your relationship with your Ex for your own and your children's sake? Move away from a blame and shame life experience to one that is kinder and compassionate? Tosh will be sharing with you why simple and effective changes to the way you think can transform and change your divorce.

16.00 - 16.45

Sometimes Mums and Dads Fall Out of Love – Family Mediation

6SKaye 5
ABOUT THE PRESENTATION: A focus on how children and young people of separating parents can be effectively included and consulted in the process of Family Mediation - through two role plays.    What is Mediation anyway?  How does it work?  Who is it for?   Is it for me?  What can it do?  How can I as a parent help my child/ren when I am so upset / angry myself?    How can my children be included?  Won’t it upset them?  I can’t really bear to hear what they must be thinking.  Hear this family’s story and through role play, experience live how children and young people can be consulted during family breakdown through the family mediation process.
16.45 - 17.15 

Create a Healing Space with Feng Shui and Get over your Ex  

ABOUT THE SPEECH:Do you want a clean new start? Do you want to make life easier for yourself getting over your ex? Do you want to be able to move on easier and faster and in 1 piece? 

Then come to this seminar by Feng Shui Master and energy expert Angela Ang.

What you will learn in this seminar. 

5 things you can do at home to make moving on easier for you, Importance Creating a healing space, Transform your energy, transform your life, What is Space clearing? How does it help you in a break up?, Rituals that can help you move on

17.15 - 17.45 How To Positively Flush Out Your Ex And Take Control of Your Life  7MC 9

In this talk Maxine will take you through The Divorce Detox process for healing your heart during and after divorce. This powerful talk will share what it takes to have a mental and emotional detox and turn heartache, resentment and grief into loving yourself more than ever before. 

17.45 - 18.15 Supporting Separating Families  12JK  

ABOUT THE SPEECH: Family mediation is a process which helps couples make decisions about their family following relationship breakdown.  This may be about finances, children, the divorce process or other challenges facing clients at this difficult time.  In this talk, we address how family mediation can help couples and families reach their own decisions about what should happen after separation or divorce, which will be unique to their personal situations.

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