Program MAIN STAGE Friday 21st February 2020

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10.15 - 10.30  How to manage your divorce wisely 26Ebru 24
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Ebru will talk about the challenges of separation and divorce and how people need more than just a lawyer to ensure a better outcome at a lower overall cost. She will also address the importance of being clear about personal goals post divorce and how coaching can help people move on to a brighter future.
10.30 - 11.00  Change Your Mind, Change Your Divorce 2TB 6
ABOUT THE SPEECH: We all have a choice as to how we show up in life and this includes divorce. What if you could change the way you think about your divorce and improve your relationship with your Ex for your own and your children's sake? Move away from a blame and shame life experience to one that is kinder and compassionate? Tosh will be sharing with you why simple and effective changes to the way you think can transform and change your divorce.
11.00 - 12.00  How to become a Breakup and Divorce Coach  1SD 8

ABOUT THE SPEECH: Are you thinking about becoming a coach or do you have an existing coaching business you are struggling to grow? If you enjoy helping others then this could be an exciting opportunity for you to turn your breakup into a way to positively inspire others. I will share with you my secrets to growing a successful coaching business and how to tap into your own personal experience to create a job you love.

12.00 - 12.15

Family Separation – Protecting your children

32ML  31FNF
ABOUT THE SPEECH: The talk will cover examples of how to meet the needs of children when parents separate, how to avoid escalating conflict and family courts for child arrangements and the damage this can have on the adults and, above all, the children when things go wrong, as they all too often do.
12.20 - 12.40 Successful Communication in Challenging Circumstances
35RD  35LL 
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Facing the upheaval and distress of divorce can create horribly challenging circumstances for couples. The anxiety you both face can bring out behaviour that seems unreasonable, possibly even aggressive or obstructive. Maybe you feel that every time you try to communicate the situation becomes worse and increasingly heated. Maybe communication has broken down completely.
Yet this is a time when clear and respectful communication is crucial to avoid unnecessary anguish and heart-ache - as well as additional expense.
The biggest killer of achieving a calm and seamless divorce is the inability to communicate. Effective communication is key to exiting the relationship in a way that supports you to rebuild your life and find happiness and harmony again.
In this talk, Ruth will highlight:
• How to understand and manage the emotional fall-out of the separation
• How to reduce stress and anxiety by communicating your emotions effectively
• How to create a balanced and strategic approach in your communication with your ex
• How this sets the context for a bright and promising future for you both and for your childre
12.45 - 13.30  Kids Come First: Keeping Families Together Beyond Separation  11NW 22

ABOUT THE SPEECH: How our support & child-focused training program helps separating/divorcing parents to minimise the emotional impact on their children. Our specialist support and expert guidance also saves parents valuable time, money and energy by reducing stressful conflict, avoiding expensive litigation and unnecessary lengthy court proceedings.

13.30 - 14.00  Separating or divorcing? What do I need to know?  23Stuart 13
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Do I need to formalise my separation? What is the procedure for divorce and how long does it take? How will the finances be divided upon separation or divorce? Are all marriages legal and recognised in any country? Do ‘Common Law’ husband and wife have the same equal rights as a married couple? Will my inheritance, pre-marriage assets and family gifts be distributed upon divorce? Will a pension sharing order in one country be enforceable in another country? Is same sex marriage recognised worldwide? Can I just move my assets or change ownership before separation? Any lawyer can do family law with international aspects can’t they? Plus other practical tips... 
14.00 - 14.30 How will separation or divorce affect my children? What do I need to know?
20Lina 13
ABOUT THE SPEECH: What are the common arrangements for children when parents separate? Will the mother always have ‘custody’ of the children? If I have to go to court in relation to the children, what does the process entail and how long does it take? Are there alternatives to the court process? Points to bear in mind if a child is adopted or has been born by way of surrogacy? Do I have to pay my ex-spouse/partner child maintenance for our children? Is financial provision available for children? Are court orders recognised and enforced abroad? What is child abduction and do I need to be careful of this? Am I allowed to take the children back to my home country if my relationship breaks down? Any lawyer can do family law with international aspects can’t they? Plus other practical tips... 
14.30 - 15.00 Why family mediation is better than heading straight to court  8JRobey 16
ABOUT THE SPEECH: The CEO of England and Wales' largest provider of family mediation sets out how the process can help you settle parenting, money and property issues with less than going to a family court.
15.00 - 15.30 Moving on after a divorce – what research and our members have taught us about rebuilding a life  27DivClub 2
ABOUT THE SPEECH: There are proven ways which we can behave that will make a divorce a little less painful.  We will be sharing some of the most effective ways to help you navigate this process.
15.30 - 16.00 One Couple One Lawyer: a new and better way to divorce
10SW 11
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Well-known family law barristers and co-founders of The Divorce Surgery Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates give couples an understanding of the current approach of the Courts to divorce, and the range of options available to them for legal advice and reaching settlement with the least conflict, time and cost. 
16.00 - 16.30 Marriage and work- The best solution for business owners who are divorcing  41BM 41ACLF
16.30 - 17.00 How to present your own case in family courts against lawyers  33GF 34
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Are you interested in saving yourself £1000’s in legal fees by presenting your own case in your divorce proceedings? Are you confused by the legal jargon used by solicitors? Would you like to reduce the impact of your separation on your children? Author of “Eyes Wide Open” Graham Fletcher will talk about the emotional challenges of going through divorce and the court processes involved. If you sense that you could get through your divorce with the right emotional support and insightful, impartial advice then come along to my presentation.

Find out the secret behind why I have over 130 reviews online from successful clients. Your divorce is the perfect time to empower yourself to greatness

17.00 - 17.30 Create a Healing Space with Feng Shui and Get over your Ex   28AA   
ABOUT THE SPEECH:Do you want a clean new start? Do you want to make life easier for yourself getting over your ex? Do you want to be able to move on easier and faster and in 1 piece? 

Then come to this seminar by Feng Shui Master and energy expert Angela Ang.

What you will learn in this seminar. 

5 things you can do at home to make moving on easier for you, Importance Creating a healing space, Transform your energy, transform your life, What is Space clearing? How does it help you in a break up?, Rituals that can help you move on

17.30 - 18.00 Reclaim your identity: Practical steps to drastically improve quality of life, mind and body 31JC 29 38N
ABOUT THE SPEECH: Tools and tips to building an energised, resilient body and mind so you can reclaim a powerful self identity after break up and divorce.

Has your mental and physical health suffered after your break up or divorce? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to make time for yourself? Are bad eating habits, poor sleep, lack of exercise and stress fuelling your inability to cope and moving you further away from the best version of you. This workshop will be packed with easy to implement, life changing strategies that will put you back in the driving seat of your life. You’ll feel more in control, strong, healthy and alive - enabling you to deal with life’s challenges in a more balanced, grounded way. Book now!


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