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“What you wear, dresses your soul and must match your lifestyle here and now”.

The purpose of Personal Style is to express yourself through the art of dressing for yourself and I AM the Brand is not about fashion makeover or Instagram-perfect shots but about your Personal Style being the representation of your true self.

Aga – the personal stylist behind I AM the Brand – believes that a person’s look affects and reflects their lifestyle, personal, professional and social life. The philosophy behind ‘I A.M. the Brand’ is that each of us is unique, with their body shapes, personal tastes and personality culminating to create a brand that is enhanced by the clothing labels they wear but not defined by them.

Aga has styled a range of women and men, and by understanding the physiological and emotional reasons that many of her clients seek her help with, Aga gives them the tools and skills necessary to gain an injection of confidence, regain motivation and see the true value in themselves as part of style make-over sessions.

Being brought up in a family of seamstresses, shoemaker and textile retailers to whom clothes are meant to express your true self and differentiate you from the masses, Aga solidified her knowledge about personal style by combing formal styling training (Fashion Marketing Elective – ‘London College of Fashion’  & Stylist Course – ‘Style Me Academy’) as well as academic qualifications which include a Master’s Degree in Communication. Aga understands that to improve a client’s overall image they need to be looked at from the perspective of psychological and physical presence. This has resulted in Aga’s unique approach to styling which focuses on the background personality characteristics of an individual as well as the lifestyle they lead at this very point of time and using this as a frame of reference when applying styling techniques with clothing.

“Clothes tell your story and your style sends subliminal messages in split seconds. They define and influence your frame of mind in the ways you sometimes can’t even imagine.”


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