Divorce is said to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Many people feel alone, fearful and overwhelmed. During my time practising family law I could see that my clients were as much in need of emotional and practical support and guidance as they were of legal advice. I am now able to combine the two, drawing on my legal background to give practical, strategic advice and on my experience of dealing with people facing the divorce process to offer the emotional support and guidance they need.

Katie 002 Clients come to me at various different stages of the divorce or separation process: some are considering ending their relationship and want to know their options, others have already made the decision to divorce or separate and need advice about how to go about it. Many of my clients are already involved in the process and are seeking a second opinion or some help with a specific aspect of their divorce. Some clients have divorced but need support moving forwards with their lives or need help to enforce court orders and manage contact arrangements for their children. Everyone experiences divorce differently and my service is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

If clients come to me right at the outset of the process, I make a full note of their situation during the first meeting so that if we decide subsequently that they should see a solicitor they can simply send a copy of the notes to them in advance and avoid a lengthy first meeting and the consequent large bill. I can then give some advice about how the process works, which aspects can be done on their own or with my help, rather than with a solicitor, and give some strategic advice about keeping legal fees to a minimum.

With links to local and London-based solicitors and barristers, mediators and counsellors, I am able to refer my clients to someone appropriate for their case and budget. I can then, if needed, continue to work alongside them and their solicitor, offering support and advice. Many aspects of family law are administrative, and not necessarily something that needs to be done by a solicitor, for example the financial disclosure forms.

Sadly it is almost always the case that communication between husband and wife has broken down by the time a client comes to me, but I have been able to step in at this point to help them draft emails or letters to their husband or wife which have allowed them to rebuild their ability to communicate together.

I recently took part in a transformational life coaching course which has given me an additional toolkit with which to help my clients during and after the divorce process.

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