35LLThe Life Liberator works with those enduring abuse, bullying and control teaching them how to safely and effectively release themselves and regain their lives.
Living with manipulation, abuse and control - wherever it show up in your life - erodes your selfworth and well-being. Your health suffers. You lose the sense of who you are and your life is only half-lived.
It takes courage overcome a bullying situation. You need to understand the mindset behind the abusive character and recognise their patterns of control and manipulation. Knowing the right skills and strategies to use means you can release yourself and continue your life with the certainty that this will never happen to you again.
Difficult and challenging people can cause disruption in any area of your life. Time and personal well-being can be badly affected by such people.
Ruth Driscoll, the owner and founder of The Life Liberator believes everyone should live a life that supports them to fulfil their destiny in a healthy and happy way.
The Life Liberator offers online programmes, the support of an online community and live workshops. Ruth also delivers Lunch and Learn sessions within the corporate environment.
Ruth is an award-winning public speaker, a mentor and trainer. She has delivered a TEDx talk at TEDx AinleyTopWomen.

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